Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I probably don't have ADD.

It took a little longer for me to find a job after moving than I thought it would. About two months longer. So I was broke. Well, college student-broke. I still have things like an apartment and an internet-connected computer and guitars and an obnoxiously over-powered cell phone, and $6. But I was broke. So I wasn't able to pay my car payment. I'm also horrible with calling companies and wading through phone menus and talking to representatives, especially companies to whom I owe large quantities of money.

Chapter 1:
At the behest of my mom, whose credit rating will also suffer by my inaction, I finally call the company that owns my car until I give them enough money. My goal is to defer a payment or two until I'm back on my feet a little. They tell me that the payments need to be current before I can do that, so

This is boring I'm gonna go play Halo.

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  1. I think you have the same problem I do, in that you can't sell your plasma because of mad cow disease and whatnot, right?

    Please don't sell your sperm. That makes me nervous.